Lesson Outline

Create Your Lesson in 3 Easy Steps!

1. Memory Verse

Choose a memory verse that you believe will be useful to students to know for life and best relates to the lesson objective you wish to emphasize.  Write the verse where it can be seen and have students memorize it for the week or however long you wish to stay on the topic.

2. Attention Grabber/ Lesson Opener

Start your lesson week with an activity or video that will get your students’ attention and then tie it back to the lesson objective and/or lesson activities that may follow.

3. Lesson Navigation

Preview the various lesson options, then choose the activities that will best help your students see God through the lens of your subject matter. Next, tailor your students’ unique daily Bible-based learning experience to fit your schedule using one or more activities throughout the week.

Enjoy and be sure to share your experience through the “Contact Us” page!