Lori Watkins, M.A.

Lori Watkins is the creator of Bible-Based Learning. She has been actively involved with children, teens, families and educators for over 25 years, working in various positions including Early Childhood Education Resource teacher and Parent/Teen educator for Sacramento City Unified School District.  Lori presently teaches Early Childhood Education classes for the Los Rios Community College District in Sacramento, California and works as an ECE Specialist for Sacramento County Office of Education.

Lori has conducted workshops and trainings for many parent and teacher education meetings and conferences such as the California Association for the Education of Young Children, Northern California Early Childhood Education Conference, Sacramento City Unified School District Head Start Program, and San Juan Unified School District,the  Association of Christian Schools International and for the NAD Teachers Convention in 2006 and 2012.

In addition to working in the public arena, she has acted as a leader in Vacation Bible School; Primary, Junior, and Teen Sabbath School; Children's ministry; and Family Life programs.  Lori has also conducted workshops and presentations on a variety of topics in regards to youth, parenting, and leadership within the Adventist arena and education system.

The desire to reach young people in a fun and exciting way has been evident in Lori's Bible Study project for youth -- Fearless Bible Investigators -- which has been used in a variety of settings including church school, home school, Bible School, Sabbath School, Bible Correspondence, Bible Study Baptismal classes, Bible Study clubs, and children's evangelism.

Lori holds an M.A. in Education and has a passion to inspire parents, leaders, and educators to discover exciting strategies to bring children and teens back to the Word of God.